Babywearing is simply carrying a baby or toddler around on your body with the help of a carrier- wrap, slings, or ring sling. It is a simple and comfortable method that aids in the baby’s development and strengthens the bond between parent and baby. This also allows parents to be hands-free so that work can be done while holding the baby. However, there are numerous benefits of babywearing.

“When you carry your little one in a baby carrier, you transmit affections to him/her what no ultra-comfortable nursery, cradle, or stroller can transmit: the feeling of well-being, relaxation, safety, warmth, life.”

How Babywearing Benefits Your Baby:

It is very important to understand how babywearing can help in the development of your baby- both physically and emotionally. There are  lots of reasons why babywearing is a good practice for both mothers and babies:

Better hip development:

The risk of hip dysplasia or dislocation occurs in the early months of the baby. It means that their hip bones are not fully developed. This can cause dislocation of hip joints in one or both of a baby’s hips and could cause more severe problems in the future.

A baby carrier offers your baby an ergonomic and natural position to carry, which is beneficial to their natural hip development and promotes strong as well as healthy hips.

Plus, babywearing also contributes to the development of neck and back muscles, as well as to the development of a sense of balance.

Also, keep in mind that as your baby grows up, you must change your baby career that best fits your baby’s age range as well as that best suits you also.

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Prevents flat head syndrome:

Flat head syndrome or plagiocephaly usually occurs when the baby sleeps on one side or back of the head for a long time during the first months of life. And the most common cause of it is the baby’s sleeping or lying position.

However, this can be avoided by changing a baby’s sleeping position or holding your baby using a baby carrier instead of lying them in one position at all times. Make sure your baby doesn’t spend more time on bassinet, stroller, or swings.

Soothes baby:

Studies have shown that “Babywearing reduces baby’s crying.”

“The more your baby is in a carrier, the happier your baby will be.”

Babywearing will cause you to have less stress and to cry, enables him/her to sleep well at all times, and thus, it boosts the immune system, which means your baby will be less likely to get sick.

Besides, it also helps to maintain the temperature of your baby.

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Strengthen the natural bond:

According to research, babies who are being carried in a sling or ring sling are calmer and cry much less. Feeling a familiar scent, feeling the heartbeat, feeling the body’s warmth, and the parents’ movements, the baby feels really comfortable and secure.

A baby carrier helps you read your baby’s facial expressions, movements, and gestures, telling you once they are hungry, bored, or wet without having to cry. In this way, parents respond quickly to the signals and needs of the babies.

For this reason, their confidence in you will increase, they will feel more confident and this effective interaction, in turn, strengthens their natural bond and can be of great help for mothers.

Good for baby health and well-being:

Being so close to the parents, babywearing stimulates the production of oxytocin, a love hormone that contributes to attachment and strengthens the feeling of security, openness, and confidence. It has a soothing effect on babies and therefore reduces crying and restlessness.

Furthermore, the benefits of skin to skin contact in neonatal care can no longer be demonstrated. It promotes interaction between the baby and the mother.

Babywearing also has a positive effect on the mental health of the mother. It helps to reduce postpartum depression and thus strengthened the mother-baby bonding.

Finally, using a baby carrier during the initial month will lengthen the period of breastfeeding because of bodily contact. That is very important for the overall development of the baby and also reduces the risk of many diseases.

Make parenting easy and convenience:

Nowadays, most parents are leading an individualistic life where they are alone at home with their baby without anyone to help them; the baby carrier is a helping hand for them. It allows parents to carry out daily activities (cooking, gardening, nursing, midwives, shopping, etc.) while meeting the needs of the child. Having your little one strapped to you leaves each hand free without losing physical contact with the baby is very handy and makes parenting easy as well.

It is a sigh of relief to both of you and decreases the stress. It is a win-win solution to manage daily work activities with one or more children.

Help fight colic and reflux:

According to a study, babywearing also helps to soothe babies suffering from colic and reflux. Since the baby is always in an upright position, the baby carrier promotes the digestive system, avoids reflux, and reduces colic. It acts as a weapon against colic and keeps them calm as well as relax.

Stimulates cognitive development:

The parental proximity while babywearing increases their alertness and encourages them to explore the world around with complete peace of mind. This eventually develops long-term emotional balance and social skills. Moreover, oxytocin-induced by babywearing enhances their cognitive development as well as their motor skills.

It’s very safe: 

Having your child held securely against you is far safer in public instead of having them freely going for walks around. The Safety of your baby is one of the best benefits of babywearing.

It is ideal for walking and moving with ease, especially when you need to take public transport, stairs, crowded place, snow, or narrow passages where a stroller is almost beyond imagination.


Babywearing is a valuable tool that enables us to perform multitask while taking care of the baby- working at home, working on a computer, running a store, attending the phone, midwives, nursing, a hotel receptionist- everything could be possible holding with a baby.

It can also be very useful for babies born prematurely or with special needs. Close contact with mothers helps babies to develop physical and emotional balances as well as gain weight faster. For the baby, father, or mother, the baby carrier has positive long-term psychological consequences. So, continue Baby Carrier!

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Do you have any tips to share about your experience with babywearing? I would love to hear them!

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