Every drink has its own benefits and damages. But excess of everything is not good even it’s good for your health. Researches have proved that not to use anything excessively. Your body needs a specific quantity of Fibers, Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates and so on. In this Guide, I will show you the benefits of drinking coffee. Stick to this article until the end of how is caffeine good for you.

Top 10 Health Benefits of Coffee with Reference

There are a Number of benefits due to which coffee good for you. I will list here the top 10 of them. You will be amazed to know them. Most of you are now aware of that. Lets Start.

#1: Decreases Depression, Stress and Risk Of Suicide

According to Internal medicine Research results of more than 10 years by Nurses, 86k Females showed Less Chances of Attempting Suicide Than Those who are not Drinking Cofee. Resource link Here

Also, There were The same results from another research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health shown that those females that drink more than 4 to 5 coffee cups have 20% fewer chances of getting depression. Resource link Here

#2: Less Risk of Heart Disease

In Korea Scientists and researchers proves that coffee is good for you. According to the study and surveys, those people who consume an average of 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day have fewer chances of any heart disease. Read More Here

Another Study Results from Brazil Clearly stated that coffee consumers who consume at least 3 coffee cups have improved ability to develop the Vascular calcifications (The process of depositing minerals to the wall of blood vessels). In 2019 Study stated that Cofee and their ingredients do not cause any hardness to the arteries that are dangerous for health. Some studies also revealed that there is a percentage of people who consume even more than 25 coffee cups in a day. Reference Link Here.

#3: Coffee Lovers have Powerful DNA

In the popular European Journal of Nutrition and health, the most prominent publication showed that Cofee consumers have Stonger DNA than normal Person who is not likely to drink coffee. They have no chance of DNA Breakage in the white blood cells of the body. Strong Reference link Here.

#4: Lessen the Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Most Recent Researches Proved that 3 to 4 cups of drinking coffee can help you to fight against the development of diseases related to nervous systems. It is the true fact that Cofee restricts the neural inflammation (The disorder of inflammation of the nervous system) that increases the chances of any disease. This study was published in many magazines related to Psychiatry Neurosurgery & Neurology. Reference Journal link Here.

#5: Positive Effects of coffee: Reduce Risk of Cancer

Spontaneous intake of Cofee can easily help you to reduce the chances by 26% of getting colorectal cancer (The Cancer in the different parts of the large intestine). Such a positive effect increasing the chances of more constipation. Read the Detailed Study Here.

According to BBC News

Intake of coffee also improves Sex Drive in women that is recently tested on Rats.

#6: Safeguard against Parkinson’s Disease

It is a common fact about Parkinson’s disease that coffee consumers have fewer chances of carrying this disease than their ancestors If you have no difficulty in breathing or you may suffering from lung cancer. Read Useful Resource link from Neurology archives. More Recent Researches in Sweden Proved that drinking black coffee good for you. It can Reduce the Chance of having a genetic disease.

#7: Lessen the chance of Alzheimer’s disease

Many of you thinking about that is coffee good or bad for you? It is True evidence that the number of health benefits of coffee due to the caffeine present in it. Caffeine Functions to protect against the damage of brain cells to waste. Read Here in depth Details Here. It is seen that if there is any depositing of plaque in the brain, it can cause very swear and intense damage.

#8: Low Risk of Getting Diabetes

Apart from a lots of benefits of coffee, there is a percentage of diabetes patients all over the globe. It is PROVED that coffee helps to reduce the risk of getting two types of diabetes in humans. Those people who used to consume more than 5 to 7 cups in a day lower the risk of getting diabetes by 22% than common people who dislike drinking it. Also Dr.  Frank Hu at Harvard University website revealed that the risk of type II diabetes can be easily decreased by up to 9% by daily intake of one cup. Read Here for More Info.

#9 Pain Killer Agent

If you are aged Person and Suffering from muscle pain. It’s better to take two cups of coffee after a workout exercise. It can reduce and cut the pain by 48 percent. Read Here complete details.

#10 Increase Fiber Intake for Body

A single cup of brewed coffee have up to 2 grams of fiber intake. The recommendation is to take 20 to 38 grams per day. So you will have a strong body.

Why I am a Coffee Addict?

After getting a lot of positive votes towards the coffee intake. I decided for drinking coffee on a daily basis. also because I am doing my jobs on laptops when I have a lot of work and stress I am Regular Addict to it.

My Favorite CoffeePlace

Mostly I have got together with my friends I used to enjoy going Awesome Coffee by Peacemaker Coffee Company in Washington, U.S.A. It is the most recomended place for all due to taste quality and nice customer service. I m Impressed because This place was founded in March 2019. It started as a hobby and then becoming an addiction to roast awesome coffee. Customer SAtisfaction and Giving taste and quality is priority there.

Final Words:

I am the Big Fan of Cofee now, Its ingredients can make your life safe from a number of diseases you may get by not drinking coffee. Enjoy a safe life, Drink coffee once ow twice in a day.

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