Whatever happens in the online marketing sphere, your email list can always provide a direct range of communication with those who want to contact you and are interest to buy from you.

80% of brands and retail professionals say that email is the most trusted customer retention driver, and 60% of B2B marketers opine that email is the most effective channel to generate revenue. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to diversify the pathways in which you build a list.

After all, if you’re just using one channel for building your email list, it’s growth will be susceptible to any changes or loopholes within that platform. Hence, you need to effectuate diversification as a priority. You can do it through the Instagram platform.

  • The concept of building email sign-ups through Instagram can seem a little confounding, but you can do so in steps.
  • Give your followers a reason to sign-up to your email list.
  • Find/create an ideal following on IG.
  • Put a link to the list in your IG account’s bio section and ask people to join that list.

To know why users would sign up to your list, you first need to underline your target audience, and the kind of impetus and incentives that will propel them to sign up. Once your IG profile builds up an audience, you can let them know about your email list and the perks of joining.

Instagram is the Perfect Place

As Business Instagram puts it, your target audience is definitely there. The platform has over a billion active users and almost 500 million Instagram followers using Stories daily. Regardless of who your target audience is, you can surely connect with your potential and prospective consumers on IG.

It’s also the most engaged and viable social network, with the highest engage rate in the industry. People interact with businesses on the platform as it entails numerous business-specific components to make the process smoother and easier.

  • To grow your email list with IG, you need to optimize and make the most of your IG bio. Keep in mind that an online visitor roughly takes 2.6 seconds to form a first impression of your brand.
  • On IG, your bio becomes your visiting card. It tells visitors about your product, main principles, and brand.
  • It’s imperative to put a Call-to-Action. It’s not possible to boost your email list until you spur followers to share their emails with a CTA copy.
  • If you want to acquire more email subscribers with IG, use your bio for encouraging your followers/visitors to just sign uo.
  • You can find numerous brands using this tactic to expand their email list.

Harnessing social media followers/fans from email campaigns

The most skipped, under-utilized and underestimated way to fill the void of social media following is to integrate social media dynamics into your email marketing, especially newsletters. If you have a bustling Twitter or Instagram account, select some of the most viable high-traffic content and link them to your campaigns.

  • For starters, you need to center or base an entire email marketing directive on a CTA for social media. It should be organized, clean, and well-designed.
  • Trying placing social media links in the concerned email sign up form alongside your email confirmation step/form.
  • You can fragmentize your subscriber’s first/welcome email into two separate email campaigns. The latter will exclusively focus on social media.
  • A second and separate focus on social media is a smart tactic if you’re spacing out your emails. It will engage your subscribers in other avenues in between the campaigns.
  • It’s also important to weave in your brand value. As you integrate your IG teasers into your campaigns, brand value is paramount.
  • You need to communicate with your subscribers and drum up your value.
  • Numbers are everything is this business. Those who market high-ups get a bigger social media appeal. It gets a visible engagement.
  • The replies and likes are visible. However, it doesn’t mean that you can measure them in the same way you gauge engagement or numbers on email campaigns.
  • Concisely, the level of subscribers or followers isn’t equal to the engagement level stemming from a particular number.

Focus on Instagram marketing

You can make different types of posts on IG to drive engagement. Image posts are the most common. When posting them, share a variety of pictures because variety displays the diversity of your brand, engaging your followers in multiple ways.

It’s also crucial to remember that IG users are always looking for authentic brand posts and not blatant and pointless adverts. You need to try and capture your brand culture with behind-the-scenes shots and lifestyle images. Avoid rampant posting in this regard and post strategically. Include some of the pictures in your email campaign.

  • If you’re a sports brand, include the product photos, but also show real athlete, events, and similar content that showcase the personality of your brand as a whole.
  • While sending emails to your subscribers, use these images in segments.
  • You need to underline styles or concepts that click for your brand.
  • It’s always prudent to loop educational posts with your emails. If you’re a food chain and want your subscribers to keep munching your delicacies, you’ve got to given them a reason to do so.
  • Provide snackable tips in your email’s second half. Place a link that takes them to videos or photos presenting clear and catchy instructions to prepare a meal that they love.

Check out the popular recipe presentations and video series on IG and Buzzfeed for that matter.

On email automation

You need to provide a direct line to your followers and customers. Include automated website messages and in-app messages in your campaigns for connecting with people when they are ready to contact and engage.

Engage users and leads with one-off and automated emails. Brands must use push notifications for connecting with mobile app users and retaining them. Mobile users constitute a whopping 71% of this scene.

You also need to go beyond just words/text. Send apps, videos, emoji, stickers, and images to narrate your story. It will drive action and interest in the most compelling manner possible.

Author Bio –

Kristen Smith has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings.

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